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The Campaign for Emma Willard School

See the horizon, our horizon, stretch beyond Mount Ida, beyond boundaries and borders, beyond expectations and conventions.

See the Horizon, Our Horizon, Radiant with Promise

More than two hundred years ago, our school was founded by a woman who was determined to map uncharted territory. With this groundbreaking campaign, we honor—and extend—the legacy of Emma Hart Willard. Infinite Horizon: The Campaign for Emma Willard School is a watershed moment in education: the largest known campaign for an independent girls’ secondary school in American history.


Head of School Jenny Rao


Our goal is $175 million, yet Infinite Horizon is about much more than that groundbreaking number. It’s about preparing new generations of students to wrestle with vast new challenges. It’s about giving more bright students access to an exceptional education. It’s about freedom and flexibility, creativity and opportunity, history and innovation—for our students, for our teachers, for our school.

~ Jenny Rao, Head of School


key priorities
covering 14 initiatives


years to reach our goal


in gifts and pledges as of
June 30, 2024

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Betts and her classmates revel in the celebration during their 50th Reunion Parade of Classes.

In recognition of her 50th Reunion, Betts Howes Murray ’73 and her husband Wisner have provided a gift of unrestricted support to Infinite Horizon: The Campaign for Emma Willard School. Betts and Wisner have each served in leadership roles at prestigious private high schools, noting the way these experiences have shaped their belief in the importance of unrestricted funds.

Betsy and David Gross, photographed by their son Robbie Gross

Elizabeth "Betsy" Gifford Gross ’72 and David Gross have profoundly impacted Emma Willard School with an unrestricted gift to the Infinite Horizon campaign. Their generous philanthropic support reflects an understanding of Emma Willard's operational needs, a deeply-held belief in the transformative power of girls’ education, and strong confidence in the school’s leadership to direct the funding where it's needed most.

Karen Brifu-Lacy ’04

We caught up with Trustee Karen Brifu-Lacy ’04 to gain insight into what keeps her connected to Emma Willard School, and what inspired her unrestricted giving to the Infinite Horizon campaign.




Seat Campaign
We invite you to be a part of that experience by giving a gift of $500 to the Wallace Center, which will be recognized on nameplates placed on the back of the padded benches that make up the fixed seating in the Klingenstein Concert Hall.