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Alice Dodge Wallace '38

Alice Dodge Wallace '38

The daughter of educators, Alice Dodge Wallace '38 (1920-2020) displayed a lifelong devotion to education and the teachers who provide it, generously giving to institutions that touched her life and enriched the lives of others. 

Her family’s trust has previously endowed scholarships for students of educators who wish to attend Emma, as well as faculty positions in literature and science. Alice, who believed in the transformative power of girls’ education and had a passion for the arts, used her own gifts to encourage generosity in other donors—a key element in her growth-minded approach to giving. Alice served with esteem as a Trustee of Emma Willard School from 1988-90, a Trustee Fellow from 1990-2005, and then as an Honorary Trustee from 2005 until her passing. 

Alice’s steadfast belief in the power of community and creativity led her to make this gift, investing in a transformational space that will inspire artists and scholars alike and elevate the central role that the arts play in an Emma Willard School education. “We are humbled by Alice’s act of breathtaking generosity,” says Head of School Jenny Rao. “I had the honor of spending time with Alice and her family and was truly moved by her grace, her sage perspective, and her love for Emma Willard School. Over the years, Alice's gratitude for her Emma Willard education was evident in the wonderful way in which she helped to strengthen our entire community. She had a keen and sophisticated understanding of the role of endowment in ensuring the future of the school, and was passionate about providing support and resources for our faculty and students. Alice’s love of the arts inspires us to engage the whole person—mind, heart, and body—and build a space that will inspire our most creative and innovative thinking.”

Our faculty, administration, and trustees have now begun the work necessary to envision the Alice Dodge Wallace ’38 Center for the Performing Arts.

Over her years in service to Emma Willard School, Alice often articulated a desire that others would be moved to support their alma mater as well. “Alice held a deep conviction that we should acknowledge the many benefits we receive in our lifetimes,” shares former board chair and Honorary Trustee Jamie Baxter ’61. “She provided both service and inspiring philanthropic generosity to Emma Willard, the school she knew was pivotal in setting her course for the purposeful life she led.” With a total project cost of $40 million, we share Alice’s hope that her inspirational lead gift will embolden others toward extraordinary generosity in order to make this new performing arts center and gathering space a reality.