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Signature Magazine Introduces Infinite Horizon

In the Spring 2022 edition of Emma Willard School’s Signature magazine, we introduce the leadership of our recently-announced capital campaign, Infinite Horizon, and explore some of the early gifts of the campaign.


In “Finding the Connection,” we feature alumnae and students who share special connections through pursuits and interests that tie them across the decades. Although times change, Emma students past and present continue to share mutual passions.

We also explore the concepts of belonging and equity, hearing from inaugural Head of Institutional Equity and Inclusion Christine Gilmore, as well as other members of the Emma community, on how these themes impact life at Emma Willard School.

In her “Leading In” letter, Head of School Jenny Rao looks toward our horizon, saying, “The energy and excitement I feel for Emma Willard School at this moment are indescribable. We have lived through unprecedented times of late. They have challenged us and found us steadfast in our will to persevere. Together we will rise above this moment and, in the words of our founder, now is the time to extend our view to futurity. I encourage you to look within these pages and see beyond. The horizon, our horizon, is infinite.” 
We invite you to explore the Spring 2022 edition of Signature and look toward your own horizons. Will they lead you back to Mount Ida?
In support of the launch of Infinite Horizon: The Campaign for Emma Willard School, this edition of the magazine included a special insert section that outlines the priorities of the campaign. We invite you to view that supplemental content here: