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two students with backpacks walking the archway of Dietel library with Slocum in front of them

Infinite Horizon Campaign Priorities include Academic Excellence, Sustaining our School, Affordability and Access, Advancing the Arts, Investing in our Campus, and Strengthening our Community.

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Pupils, by having their understanding cultivated, their reasoning powers developed and strengthened, may be expected to act more from the dictates of reason, and less from those of fashion and caprice. With an expanded mind, they would extend their views to futurity.A Plan for Improving Female Education, 1819

Emma Hart Willard




We see a school enhancing its leadership in secondary education.  We see more opportunities for students to stretch themselves intellectually, to gain first-hand experience in different cultures and communities, to take more ownership of their education. We see teachers gaining more time, space, and funding to develop new courses and programs, to seek inspiration from new sources, and to bring new research and experience to campus.




We see an endowment for financial aid that gives us the freedom to offer an Emma Willard education to the most deserving students. We see our Admissions Office continuing to bring brilliantly diverse classes of students to campus every year. We see Emma Willard living its values, creating a source of financial aid funding that doesn’t depend on our annual budget. We see a continued and careful deceleration of tuition increases in order to ensure affordability for all.

Financial Aid

Affordability and access are the foundation for our next 200 years. They give us an even greater sense of openness and inclusion. They let us reach students who may have never heard of Emma Willard. They give us new generations of students from around the world—students who come to belong here not because of their means but because of their talent.

Wendy Graham ’85, Campaign Co-Chair





We see a contemporary home for the arts, a rejuvenated Alumnae Chapel at the heart of campus, and programming as imaginative and ambitious as our students and faculty. We see a landmark project that elevates our vigorous creative culture, which includes more than 300 students who engage in arts programming every year, more than thirty courses in the arts, and more than fifteen musical, dance, and theatrical student ensembles. Thanks to an unprecedented gift from Alice Dodge Wallace ’38, this vision is already coming to life.

The arts connect us to our humanity. They connect us in the studio, in rehearsal, in performance. They connect generations of Emma students—magically—in Revels. They connect us to Emma Hart Willard’s vision: a school where students find their voice.

Debra Spiro-Allen, DM - Arts Department Chair, Director of Vocal Music, Julia Howard Bush Instructor in Music




We see a robust endowment that supports a national treasure. Our buildings have gravity and grace, weight and wit, majestic spaces and calming nooks, exquisite carpentry and enduring stonework. To be here is to feel rooted in history—and elevated by a sense of possibility. This extraordinary home requires extraordinary care. We see the labor and love that maintain our proud façades and keep our infrastructure modern and secure.

Our campus makes me feel in awe of the opportunities I have, to realize that this is the place I get to live and learn. And it makes me appreciate even the small things much more, to experience them within this beautiful place.

Beatrice G.C. ’22






We see new and enhanced programs that allow our community—including students from 38 countries and 21 states—to flourish. We see new ways to apply ideals that have defined Emma Willard for generations. We see a school that continues to strike an inspiring balance between two needs: individual development and collective health.



The Emma community is truly special. It’s genuine, it’s warm, it’s electric. There’s such a strong feeling of belonging—of people embracing you for exactly who you are.

Rowan L-M. '22



We see more donors and more gifts to the Emma Fund—and more impact. We see the steady impact of the Emma Fund on the school’s operating budget, and as a vital source of institutional strength. We see an Emma Fund that serves as a stabilizing force to meet the needs of our operating budget—and an engine of opportunity. 

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